Mill Operations

We've been hard at work reinvesting and streamlining processes to ensure maximum value for our stakeholders, clients and strategic partners. By investing in health & safety, workforce training, new equipment, and technology. AV Terrace Bay is optimistic for the future.

High Quality
NSBK Pulp Mill

operations_img_1AV Terrace Bay’s pulp is favoured globally by end users producing a variety of products from tissue and towels to graphic papers. Our pulp is renewable and biodegradable material, a key ingredient in products used everyday.


Record Setting

With several record production days above 1200 ADMT, this milestone has allowed us to exceed our fulfillment goals for our clients. We attribute the increased production to our highly skilled operations team and well trained employees.

With 70% of our wood basket made up of the sought after Black Spruce our pulp contains long fibres that feature structural properties that provide exceptional strength for a better end product. This is coupled with our 6 stage bleaching process modern Fourdrinier pulp machine allows us granular control over the finished product.

Strategic Location

AV Terrace Bay is located in the heart of Canada’s interior, along the shores of Lake Superior, Ontario. Terrace Bay’s location allows for access to a wide transportation network, consisting of both freight and rail providing easy access to markets in the Northeastern and Midwestern United States.

Market Location

Five to ten day transit times to most markets

Easy Access to Midwest VIA freight

Export to Asian market through port of Vancouver