Press Release

Contrator Safety Orientation

AV Terrace Bay is pleased to announce our New Contractor Safety Orientation Video.  This will provide our visiting contractors the means by which they can view the video and download the Orientation Sign Off Form from our website. This can then be viewed and signed with their own Health and Safety Manger / Orientation Administrator.
•    View the 35 min. Safety Orientation Video
•    Print off the  Contractor Safety Orientation Sign Off Form
•    Return the Signed Form to the AVTB Health and Safety Manager (Jim Pope)
•    Any questions feel free to contact Jim Pope at 825-1075  Extension 883

The Safety Orientation Video is located here: AVTB Safety Orientation and the Sign Off Form is available here:  Mill Orientation Training Record

About AV Terrace Bay

AV Terrace Bay became the third Canadian company to join the Aditya Birla Group’s pulp and fiber business (Grasim Industries Ltd.) in July 2012. On October 10th 2012, the Terrace Bay Mill successfully restarted production as a paper grade pulp mill. The mill has been in full operation since 2012.

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Mr. Iadeluca joined AVTB in 2012 as CEO. As CEO, he led the company’s corporate development and strategic planning functions.

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